The Carlson SurvCE 4.0 has been released

SurvCE 4.0 has been released and is now ready for download. Constantly being upgraded, SurvCE 4.0 gives users the option to import text in drawings in addition to blocks; allows GPS base records from the raw file to be processed into the CRD file; and offers a new 2D sketch polyline and snap option.

The Carlson SurvCE 4.0 upgrade is free for those who upgraded their SurvCE software to 3.0. For those moving from any SurvCE 2.0 versions, the cost is $300. The price for 4.0 for those upgrading from an initial purchase of SurvCE 3.0 over this past year is $150. Literally 100s of enhancements have been built into SurvCE 3.0.

SurvCE 4.0 is available in more than two dozen languages. These include: English, Spanish, French, French (Canadian), Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, simplified Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Latvian and more.

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