Hemisphere GNSS announces that all Professional level Vector products, including the V103, V113, VS131, and VS330 now include the ability to utilize the GLONASS Satellite system, along with the GPS Satellite system in the navigation solution.

Charles Joseph is named President and Chief Executive Officer and Member of Board of Directors.


Eclipse P306 and P307 OEM modules are announced. They use GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou and are Galileo and QZSS ready.

AVTECH GNSS introduces its new corporate brand and launches its new website, custom developed from the ground up based on customer and dealer feedback.

AVTECH GNSS introduces the new Crescent Vector H200 GNSS compass module providing heading and positioning with both GPS and GLONASS signals.

AVTECH GNSS launches high-precision R330™ universal GNSS receiver that supports a wide range of differential correction solutions.

AVTECH GPS sells the Precision Products business (Marine, Land Survey, Construction, Mapping, and OEM Segments) and related GNSS technology renamed as "Hemisphere GNSS, Inc." The agriculture operations plan name change to "AgJunction"


AVTECH GPS and Carlson Software establish a strategic alliance.

AVTECH GPS is awarded eight patents that includes: adaptive machine control system and method, advanced GNSS solutions for antenna design, an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), multiple antenna control system, tracking of fixed and slow-moving structures, augmentation of differential corrections, antenna alignment and monitoring systems, and vehicle guidance control.

AVTECH GPS announces the release of multiple products: A325 Smart Antenna, Vector H320 OEM Module, P300/P301 Eclipse OEM Modules, Vector V103/V113, VS131, and VS330 GPS Compasses.


AVTECH GPS announces the release of the H102, the market's smallest fully-integrated single board GPS compass and the V102 OEM module, which is the market’s smallest, single-enclosure GPS compass and positioning system.

The LX-2, a new second-generation L-band differential GPS OEM receiver board was introduced into the market.

AVTECH GPS announces the supply of its Crescent GPS technology and components to TechGeo, an innovative company that was the first to manufacture geodetic GPS receivers in Brazil.

AVTECH GPS introduces the S320 GNSS survey receiver, which is compatible with existing surveying equipment.

Expands multi-year OEM agreement with Navico, Inc., the world's largest marine electronics company.


AVTECH GPS debuts GateMate Alpine Ski Race Gate Tracking System at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

AVTECH GPS celebrates its 20th year of operations as a global player in the design and manufacture of GPS-based technology.

AVTECH GPS introduces new Crescent Vector II OEM board and upgraded GPS Compass products, such as the V101 Series, VS101 Series, and LV101 OEM board.

AVTECH GPS launches new A52 GNSS antenna and A21 and A22 GPS antennas.

AVTECH GPS launches Eclipse II multi-GNSS receiver technology with advanced ASIC design and
miniEclipse - the smallest dual frequency GPS OEM board available.

AVTECH GPS continues its aggressive development of intellectual property with over 70 patents issued and pending globally.


Hemisphere GPS ships its 100,000th Crescent receiver board.

Hemisphere GPS introduces the A21 GPS antenna.

Hemisphere GPS unveils the XF101 and XF102 DGPS receivers for handheld mapping and announces two new strategic partnerships (Juniper Systems and Handheld group).

A customized version of the LV100 GPS Compass is launched with CPAC Systems AB to be incorporated into Volvo Penta's Dynamic Positioning System.


"Canadian Systems International, Inc." is founded by Stephen Verhoeff who serves as Chief Executive Officer until 2006.


Hemisphere GPS introduces the R220 GPS Receiver with dual frequency Eclipse technology.

The LV100 GPS compass board is introduced.

Seven patents were issued during 2008, bringing the company total to over 40.


CSI introduces the Crescent single-frequency RTK technology.

AVTECH GPS introduces the V100 and VS100 GPS Compass.

Shareholders approve the formal change of the corporate name to "Hemisphere GPS, Inc." and the TSX stock exchange symbol to "HEM" reflecting the refocusing of the company as a pure-play GPS company.

AVTECH GPS introduces its Eclipse dual-frequency GPS receiver technology.


CSI introduces the A100 GPS smart antenna and the R100 GPS receiver.

CSI sells its telematics and fixed wireless telephone businesses and re-focuses itself as a pure-play GPS company.

In September 2006, CSI appoints Steven Koles as the new President and Chief Executive Officer.


CSI signs a product development and supply agreement with Saab TransponderTech for marine AIS products.

CSI introduces its ASIC-based Crescent receiver technology.


CSI introduces the PowerMAX, a Bluetooth-enabled wireless DGPS receiver.

CSI unveils GSM/GPRS-compatible fixed wireless telephone that offers voice plus dial-up Internet, email, and text-messaging capability.

CSI ships its 500,000th wireless device, just four years after the company's first commercial wireless shipments began.

CSI's Asset-Link product is utilized by Texas police to break up a theft ring making several arrests and recovering more than $2.7 million in stolen goods.


CSI adds a GSM version to its Motorola-based fixed wireless telephone family of products.


CSI is awarded a U.S. patent for revolutionary e-Dif software that enables standard GPS receivers to achieve one-meter accuracy without any help from third-party differential correction signals.

CSI introduces its Motorola-branded TDMA-based fixed wireless telephone and announces a $20 million purchase order for the telephone from Miami-based Brightstar Corporation.

CSI introduces the Vector line of Marine GPS products for accurate navigational GPS heading sensor products for global marine and machine control markets. The Vector product is used by NBC News to rapidly align satellite transmission systems while vehicles are on-the-run resulting in much greater clarity and immediacy than competing networks were able to achieve using conventional methods.

CSI begins supplying Asset-Link units for Datacom's new MOBILUS stolen car recovery service.


CSI launches the Asset-Link family of telematics products focused on fleet-management and other mobile asset management applications.


CSI changes its name to "CSI Wireless, Inc." after acquiring Wireless Link Corporation, a Silicon Valley company widely respected for its location-based wireless data communications technology including its AssetVision and CVDM-3 telematics product lines.


CSI concludes a $6-million Initial Public Offering of CSI shares on Toronto Stock Exchange (Trading symbol: CSY).


The first product, an HF radio-based differential GPS system called the "Data Trak" is released consisting of a modulator (the "DTM") and a receiver (the "DTR") is targeted to the offshore oil and gas market.


Company changes name to "Communication Systems International, Inc." ("CSI").


CSI introduces and sells its first DGPS radio beacon product (the MBX-1), a receiver that plugs into a regular GPS system to enhance its accuracy.


CSI releases the SBX-1 - a radio beacon DGPS receiver PCB card.


CSI acquires ownership of the beacon receiver technology used in its DGPS products.